Michael Huskey’s



Caulley’s Shamrock 

609 S. Main St.,Burlington, Iowa

Saturday 8/3/24. 8PM 



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Thank you for supporting our ever expanding roadshow, now on tour in America and Asia!  We are founded upon the crossroads of Americana, or as we call it “The Apex of Americana.” Now, more dynamic than ever with our new band, “The Hill Country Players!” forming in Thailand, Hawaii, MO, IA, and TX! Whether you desire a unique solo artist or duos, trios and/or a full band in almost any genre, send us and email and we will get back to you asap!

Michael’s first show in St. Louis in 2021 at Red Fish Blue Fish

Download these two new releases for FREE (Mp3’s): 

Daddy’s Worn Out Bible

Wings of a Dove

Want more free music? Just message us via email or social media. Thanks!

Thank you for your donations of ANY amount! We literally couldn’t do this without your support!

Michael with renowned guitarist Jon Estrin, at “Cafe Paradiso” in Fairfield, Iowa, fresh from the stage Jon shared with Bruce Springstein in New Jersey.

Welcome to Michael Husky’s Americana Road Show, a musical journey like no other.

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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of American music with Michael Husky’s Americana Road Show.

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