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Caulley’s Shamrock 

609 S. Main St.,Burlington, Iowa

Saturday 8/3/24. 8PM 



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Michael’s first show in St. Louis in 2021 at Red Fish Blue Fish

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Daddy’s Worn Out Bible

Wings of a Dove

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Michael with renowned guitarist Jon Estrin, at “Cafe Paradiso” in Fairfield, Iowa, fresh from the stage Jon shared with Bruce Springstein in New Jersey.

Is Night Ranger Americana?

Is Night Ranger Americana?

Live at the Strat in Las Vegas Nevada, Michael Huskey joins brother and renowned event producer Adam Steck with the legendary Nightranger at their performance on February 17, 2024

Nephew of Country Music Hall of Famer, Ferlin Husky

Nephew of Country Music Hall of Famer, Ferlin Husky

Michael Huskey, nephew of Country Music Hall of Famer, Ferlin Husky (he dropped the “e” from the family name for the stage) covers a lot of ground, from old country to rock, folk and blues, making classic hits his own with a unique blend of Americana found throughout his original songs as well.

His inspirations, in addition to his late uncle, and other old country stars and early rock and rollers include folk and rock artists like Leonard Cohen, Greg Brown, Martin Sexton. He grew up with hippie parents giving him exposure to Bob Dylan, CSN&Y, Jim Croce, James Taylor among others. Particular crossover artists like Tom Petty and a handful of good old hard driving rockers and guitar wizards like Randy Rhodes, Steve Vai, Al Dimeola, Jeff Beck and Eddie Van Halen are a particular passionate interest. More recent artists like Chris Stapleton, and some of the eclectic sounds you only tend to hear in smaller more intimate venues. where various rock and blues artists mix it up with jazz artists and sounds that defy genre are of recent interest. Stay tuned for what comes out of these labs loaded with MAD SCIENTISTS! Michael also brings stories about his uncle Ferlin and his many proteges, like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Elvis Presley and his neighbor and buddy, Johnny Cash, along with songs accompanying encounters with other prolific people his travels have blessed him to meet and play with over the years.

After being in the TV business and playing music for decades everywhere from St. Louis, where he was born, throughout the Midwest, California, Hawaii and Asia, Michael is working hard to get his Uncle Ferlin’s famous #1 crossover hit, “Wings of a Dove,” back on the charts with a hill country flavor, from his new home in New Braunfels, TX, while releasing his first original single, “Daddy’s Worn Out Bible,” a song written for his 100 year old (as of May 2024) Grandmother, Jean Haskins, out of New Melle, MO.

“Uncle Ferlin was and remains such an inspiration to me, I just feel strongly this new version of his iconic hit needs to be heard by the world. So far Heaven seems to agree from what I can see! it’s my honor to be a new addition to the New Braunfels musical family!

The talent and kindness I have found here in South Texas and throughout the Hill Country is truly unparalleled anywhere I’ve lived. I look forward to seeing you at my next show!

For bookings please email: [email protected], follow on Instagram and Facebook @michaelhuskeymusic

Published Tuesday, September 6, 2022 8:00 AM (edited April 13th, 2024)
New Braunfels Texas